Why Buzzblock Recruitment


Tailored Service

We recruit specifically focused on your requirement. While having a comprehensive candidate database each position is uniquely approached to best suite your specifications. We don’t commit to turn-around times and minimum amount of resumés sent, because truly understanding your requirement and suggesting the perfect candidate/s will differ from other companies. 

We don’t hunt CVs online or via third party databases, we promote your specific placement using our internally managed application processes, and only consider candidates who apply directly for your placement.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to be steadfast in providing a personal “touch” experience to our clients, by truly understanding each requirement and adhering to every finer detail. We strive to provide an effective and holistic to your human resource needs.

“place an asset not a pawn”

Flexible Rates

Forming part of our tailored service philosophy, we offer flexible rates based on the requirement. We understand that not every position is equally critical and should therefore not be charged equally. In the same sense, some positions will require multiple candidates which should attract a bulk service rate.

In addition to flexible rates, we also offer flexible payment terms, allowing you manage and plan your cash-flow efficiently regardless of the amount placements.

Value Added Services

Our VAS (Value Added Services) are available on an as-needed basis. We do not charge you for any additional services that was not requested during a placement process. Our services are not limited to placements made by Buzzblock and do not have to be added in conjunction with a placement opportunity.