Candidate Terms & Conditions

It might seem like a lot of bla bla bla… but this is important for you to know.

By submitting any application or email to Buzzblock, you the Candidate agree to the following:

Terms Of Use

All applications and services facilitating application for employment are free of charge. Training or any other services that does not form part of the standard employment application may have payable fees that will be communicated to every candidate before initiation of such service.

All candidates requested for interviews or meetings to Buzzblock’s offices or any other location, do so entirely on their own cost. All telephone or cellular calls to Buzzblock or any affiliated representative are charged at standard rates as per candidates’ service provider.


You agree that Buzzblock will not be liable for any claims, suits, cost, damages or liabilities incurred to you or any other person or company as a result of your application or supporting documents. You agree that all information submitted are true to the best of your knowledge, and that Buzzblock can perform reference checks on information supplied.

Buzzblock greatly respects your information and privacy, and will make every effort to ensure that your information is treated confidentially, however, if any personal information is directly or indirectly accidentally or with intent leaked, lost, copied, stolen or distributed by Buzzblock or any affiliated persons or representatives you agree that Buzzblock will completely be indemnified. You agree to check your application before submission and take every possible precautionary measure to ensure that your submission is free of malicious coding or spam content.

You agree, at all times, to deal with any information or services provided by Buzzblock in the appropriate manner which will abide by all applicable laws of South Africa including, without limitation, privacy and copyright laws. You agree that all actions relating to applications are done in accordance with any laws or bylaws of South Africa. Buzzblock reserves the right to reject any application for any reason whatsoever.

Before Completing any Application download & Sign the Candidate Consent Form. Any application will be regarded invalid without a signed copy of the Candidate Consent Form.